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We can't take any credit
for our talents.
It's how we use them
that counts.
-Madeline 'Engle
Why join our Parent Involvement Team?
P - Promote academic excellence
A - Answer to the call of students and teachers needing your gifts and talents
R - Role models needed
E - Engage in your child’s schoolwork and homework
N - No child left behind
T - Take on the “college bound” challenge with your child
I - Involved parents create successful children
N - “No time is more valuable than when invested in a child.”
V - Volunteering brings out the best in you
O - Overachievers are created by their parents/guardians
L -Love for a child changes the world
V - Various benefits for yourself and child
E - Energy can always be recovered
M - Memories last a lifetime
E - Excellent opportunities
N - Never a dull moment
T - “Thanks” will always be expressed from students, staff, and community!
-Eva Contreras
Your involvement positively impacts your child, our school, the community and everyone's future. Bring your talents to KLA.
We meet the for one hour, one Thursday of every month (no meetings in December and June).  Reminders will be sent home two days prior. 
Don't forget to ask for your copy of the PICC.