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Hello All,
I know this year has been challenging for all of us and some of the procedures have changed . Our library is opening again, (this time will be different until further notice) our KLA leaders can check out books even from home. The books have to be quarantined for at least 1 week when they are returned to KLA.
Let me explain the process:
  1. Students can have access to our KLA library books via Destiny Discovery.
  2. By clicking the link they will have access to the library. The user name is the student's KLA email and the password is keiller123 (all lower case)for all students. 
  3. Once students log in,  can select the book they want by clicking the HOLD button (they can only hold 1 book per week). Students can place the books on HOLD. Students just come by the library and pick up the book, FRIDAYS THE LIBRARY IS CLOSED.
  4. For book returns, students have to use the return drop off box located at the library.
  5. The books will be distributed in a plastic bag, if they want to exchange the books they have to drop off the books in the drop box and place another hold for a different title on the web page and wait until the following week for distribution (students are not allowed to come onto the library, until further notice).
  6. As soon as students return the book they are allowed to put another book on hold.
Placing books on hold - 
Book distribution - Monday and Tuesday from 10am.-3:00pm.
                              Wednesday and Thursday from10:00am.-11:50am.
                              FRIDAYS THE LIBRARY IS CLOSED.
User ID:   KLA STUDENT'S email
Password: keiller123 (lower case) for all students.

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