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The Wellness Team Referral for Parents/Guardians!

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are all trying to adjust to the situation. If your child needs support in receiving food, school supplies, wifi, etc., please feel free to reach out to The Wellness Team. After you fill out this request, someone from The Wellness Team will be in contact with you. Thank you and be safe!

Debido a la pandemia de COVID-19, todos estamos tratando de adaptarnos a la situación. Si su hijo(a) necesita apoyo para recibir alimentos, útiles escolares, wifi, etc., no dude en comunicarse con el Equipo de Bienestar. Después de completar esta solicitud, alguien del Equipo de Bienestar se pondrá en contacto con usted. ¡Gracias y ten cuidado!

Virtual Book Fair

Our Book Fair is online and helps our students discover new books, favorite characters, and more! 5/28/2021

KLA's COVID-19 Prevention Plan (CPP) [2/1/2021]

Here is KLA's COVID-19 Prevention Plan (CPP). This document encompasses the following elements: 1) Communication, 2) Identification/Evaluation of Hazards, 3) Investigation/Responding to Cases, 4) Correction of Hazards, 5) Training, 6) Physical Distancing, 7) Face Coverings, 8) Controls (Engineering, Administrative & PPE), 9) Reporting, Record Keeping, & Access, 10) Exclusion of COVID-19 Cases, and 11) Return to Work.