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Introduction to New Hires

Congratulations on being offered a position to work for Keiller Leadership Academy! We welcome you and are looking forward to having a great year with you on our team.

I have listed few items needed below to make the processing of your new hire paperwork as efficiently as possible.  If you have any questions on any form that you must complete, leave that area blank and complete it when you and I meet.

Important!  Bring the items below with you on your scheduled appointment:
  1. Social Security card
  2. Driver's License or state issued ID (* Make sure your first and last names match on your social security card and drivers license)
  3. Passport (if applicable)
  4. TB Results
  5. CPR Certification
  6. Livescan (Fingerprinting)
  7. Voided Check (Direct Deposit)
So again, welcome to the team - we're glad you are here!

Thank you,
Adria M. Jefferson
HR/Business Manager
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