Syllabus Mathematics 7th Grade 2019-2020

7th Grade Math CPM CC 2 Class Syllabus 2019-2020

This course is designed to allow students to work in groups with their peers to solve applications based problems modeled after real-life situations and to foster curiosity and appreciation of mathematics through higher education and beyond. To be successful in this course students are encouraged to challenge themselves and persevere with all of their classwork to strengthen their math ability in addition to working closely with their peers to develop career habits, social communication and a team building mindset. 


College Preparatory Mathematics

This course was designed to prepare students to be effective at social collaboration with peers, a desired skill set in any career, and provide them with skills in mathematics to succeed in college, career and life.



To help students with all subjects including Mathematics tutoring is offered on Tuesday and Thursday day except from 2:55PM to 3:30PM. In tutoring students will have the opportunity to improve their grade, develop effective study habits and make up incomplete work. 



Homework practice is given everyday for students to improve their skills in mathematics. All homework must have a title (e.g. 2.1.5), period, and date. It should be written in pencil on lined paper, showing all work steps and presented as neatly as possible. I will provide a homework summary score sheet that students can show parents as an indicator of their progress with the homework. Late work can be made up before the end of a chapter without penalty.


Classroom Rules/Expectations

Classroom rules and learning expectations are designed to provide a safe learning environment for all students. The KLA school rules are followed and I expect students to come to class ready to learn and demonstrate respect for their peers and responsibility as learners in the classroom. Please reference the KLA student handbook for all of the 14 KLA  rules. It is essential that all students follow classroom rules. 


Accountability Procedure:


When students do not follow the school or classroom rules and expectations the following steps are taken:


  1. First time students will be given a warning. The warning can be verbal or non verbal.
  2. Second time students will be asked to fill out a TSMP in the classroom. This allows the teacher and student to meet and discuss what is going on and what may need to change.
  3. Third time students will be assigned an after school detention.


* Parents could be notified at any of the above steps. Parents will definitely be  notified if student receives an after school detention. I will call and speak to the parents or guardians to help the student resolve what is happening in class. Parents or guardians may email me to discuss their student's progress and development in class.

**If the behavior is causing a class disruption the student may be sent to room 20. If a student is sent to room 20, parents or guardians are called.


Academic Grading Scale 

A 90-100%, B 80-89% C, 70-79%, D 60-69%, F 59% and below

Grade components

Assessments 40%

Citizenship   1%

Classwork 49%

Home Work 10%

Total:         100%

Citizenship Grade


Students also receive a citizenship grade which reflects a students behavior and/or participation in class including group and work habits. This is recorded as a weekly score in the grade book. 

Students start each week with 10 citizenship points and at the end of the week points are deducted from this to determine the final week’s citizenship grade. 


Citizenship Grade:

10 - 9 points       E - Excellent

8 - 7 points G - Good

6 - 5 points S - Satisfactory

4 - 3 points N - Needs improvement

2 - 1 points U - Unsatisfactory



Points will be lost for the following infractions:

  • Not raising one’s hand to speak.
  • Disturbing or disrupting the class.
  • Disrespectful to other students and/or the teacher.
  • Outbursts without raising hand.
  • Walking around room without getting permission
  • Off-task and/or distracting teammates.
  • Not paying attention while the teacher is talking.
  • Cross-classroom talking/yelling/giggling
  • Arguing with teammates and/or teachers
  • Spending time playing with pencils and/or not prepared with supplies
  • Backpacks at seat.
  • Misusing classroom tools and math manipulatives.
  • Dress Code.


Thank you for reviewing this classroom syllabus that will create a positive foundation for your child’s educational experience at KLA. I look forward to collaborating closely with you and ensuring that your child is successful academically and developmentally while attending KLA. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. 


Best regards,


John Armstrong

Mathematics Teacher. Grade 7 Or (619) 263-9266 Ext. 2031

***This syllabus and it contents may change at any time at the teachers discretion. Please review the syllabus with your child.