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Welcome KLA Seventh Graders!

My name is Bernard Young but I am known on the KLA campus as “Mr. Buddy.”  This is my 6th year at KLA and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  The students, the staff and the administration are truly exceptional and I feel very grateful that I get to be a part of it for another year. 


Science Classes at KLA are not your traditional Science Classes.  The Science Department at KLA focuses more on scientific practices rather than simple memorization of scientific facts.  It is more important to me that my students learn “how to think,” instead of “what to think.”  That being said, students in KLA Science classes are expected to be Problem Solvers.  Although we will be learning how to make claims, based on evidence, and how to use reasoning to explain scientific thinking, the practices of Problem Solving will be paramount.  More information about the specifics of class can be found over on the “Class Description” link.


This spring the state of California is officially rolling out the new California Science Test (CAST).  While 7th graders will not be taking the CAST this year, they will be taking it in the Spring of their 8th grade year.  My job is to help prepare them for this test.


In Mr. Buddy’s science class, things are going to move quickly!  It is important that everybody keeps up. If you fall behind or need extra help know that I am here for you but you must take the initiative and advocate for yourself if you need extra help. Homework will be assigned as necessary when it relates to the unit of instruction; late-work will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Although I am very flexible when it comes to late work my expectation is that classwork is completed in class.


Our Science classroom is a place of both structured and un-structured learning.  Sometimes things will get messy so it is very important that we all practice the REACH values in class.


To all of my new 7th Graders: the road to promotion starts today!  The habits we implement now will determine our success together when you promote in 2020. I am very, very much looking forward to joining you on this amazing journey.


With love and admiration for all of you and all that you will accomplish,


Mr. Buddy



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