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Hello KLA Students and Families,

My name is Mrs. Williams and I am excited about returning to Keiller Leadership Academy (K.L.A.)! This will be my 14th year at K.L.A. and my third year as the K.L.A. Secondary Academic Counselor. I look forward to working with 6th - 8th graders this year and also look forward to seeing students adopt a growth mind set and use it to improve themselves both academically and in their personal and social life.

What this means for this year's students is that they all have something to contribute to the school and that all students have the ability to grow and learn something new. The purpose of adopting a growth mindset is to help students cultivate a love of learning and a resilience that's needed to accomplish great things. Individuals who adopt a growth mindset believe the harder they work the more they learn and the better they become. They believe the skills needed to open the door to opportunities such as hard work and perseverance pay off. They also believe mistakes are opportunities to grow more, if they're able to learn the skills necessary to correct them.

If you are looking for more detailed information about a growth mindset please check out our curriculum called Brainology at . Please check it out by yourself or with your child, because one thing I do know, is that I believe in it and I believe it works!

Thank you for allowing me to partner with you on this journey in your child's personal growth. Remember to come by and visit the Counseling Center in Room 23 because when your child opens my door, they're opening a door to academic, college, and career opportunities.
If you have any questions regarding ways to support your child's academic endeavors please do not hesitate to email me at .
Si tiene preguntas para mi porfavor un correo electronico a .



Devina Williams

Keiller Leadership Academy Secondary Academic Counselor and STEM Teacher/Coordinator

Opening Doors to Opportunity