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Keiller Leadership Academy

Mr. Jeremy Eikam
Dear Students and Parents,

I am excited to be teaching at Keiller Leadership Academy this year.  This year we have mixed 7th and 8th grade classes in Choir, Guitar, and Intro (recorders, singing, and drumming).  All of these classes will be involved in performances on and off campus.  I will also be teaching an intro to music class for 4th, 5th and 6th graders.

I grew up in San Diego County, near La Mesa and El Cajon.  I graduated from Grossmont High School some time during the previous century.  I attended San Diego State University. 

In my free time I enjoy playing and performing music.  I play with different groups around town on a regular basis.  This provides much enjoyment.  I look forward to sharing the enjoyment I get from music with the students here at Keiller Leadership Academy.  Music is a lifelong pursuit.

Jeremy Eikam

REACH Cadence

Period 1 Stomp Clap - "Yolo"

Period 2 Stomp Clap - "trooo"

Period 3 Stomp Clap - "Tigers 2013"


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El Manisero

From the Spring Concerts El Manisero is a traditional Cuban song with Afro-Cuban rhythmic layering.


Our performance of the drum cadence "Vampire" performed for the 7th grade class Thursday, 3/21/13.
Mr. Jeremy Eikam
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