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Welcome to the KLA Humanities Department!  Humanities is a seventy minute block that consists of vocabulary development, reading comprehension, literary analysis, writing applications, accountable talk, and writing strategies.Combined with History and Social Science, this course is designed to build critical reading and effective writing skills in specific genres or forms of literature using the Amplify curriculum. Students will explore worldly historical themes in each unit of study by building comprehension and applying critical thinking skills to a variety of texts.All assignments satisfy the requirements for the California Common Core State Standards in Language Arts in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Throughout each grading period, students will be assessed according to the California Common Core Arts Standards and History/Social Science Standards.

Grading Categories:

10 % Solo/Homework

25% Summative(Final Essays and Interims)

10% Vocab App

20 % Rubric Based Writing

35% Formative Assessment